Thursday, 13 September 2007

Friends 1

I am lucky to have three best friends, Army Man, Victorious People and Peaceful Ruler. Army Man also has ADD and it is uncanny the way we understand each other. We also share a lot of interests. Army Man is gay and has yet another prospective boyfriend. I have not met the potential beau yet, but Lamb and I usually have to meet any possibilities to give our opinion. I love Army Man very much, but I am getting tired of his unstable love life. I must admit, that I do not wish to meet another prospect. It is a pity none of his previous long-standing relationships worked out. I really wish he would meet another long term partner. I sometimes worry about him having casual relations. Being each other’s confidants, he tells me about them. I act very non-judgemental, but I am secretly concerned. Lamb tried to play matchmaker, but the match was also not to be. Victorious People and I do not have many interests in common. We think alike about things however. Victorious People has quite a twisted sense of humour. He is one of very few people whom I find really funny. Victorious People made one grave mistake recently. He challenged me to a braai (Afrikaans for barbecue/grilling) cookout. I willingly picked up the gauntlet he threw before me. This significant event will take place on 24 September which is a public holiday in South Africa and apart from being Heritage Day it is also National Braai (Barbecue) Day.

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