Friday, 16 October 2009

I'll be back

This is the thing about projects - the closer to delivery date the more hectic. I am going to have to work night & day till 30 Nov. There'll be very little posting or reading of other blogs (if any). See you all in Dec. Will miss you. (Ps. If any one of you know where to buy a strap-on spine, please let me know, there's a jellyfish on this project in dire need of one - I'll buy it for him as an early Christmas gift)

Friday, 9 October 2009

You're a lout if you lurk

I was just wondering whether I only have 4 people reading my blog and not feeling very good about my blog when I went over to Doodles of a Journo. In her current post she is wondering about lurkers. It made me wonder... do I have any readers who do not comment - in spite of my explicit instruction? I checked the word 'lurk' out on the online etymology dictionary and found that louts lurk... lurk c.1300, lurken "to hide, lie hidden," probably from Scand. (cf. dial. Norw. lurka "to sneak away," dial. Swed. lurka "to be slow in one's work"), perhaps ult. related to M.E. luren "to frown, lurk" (see lower (v.2)). lower (v.2) (also lour), M.E. louren, luren "to frown, lurk," from O.E. *luran or from its cognates, M.L.G. luren, M.Du. loeren "lie in wait." loiter 1362 (implied in loitering), from M.Du. loteren "be loose or erratic, shake, totter" like a loose tooth or a sail in a storm. In modern Du., leuteren "to delay, linger, loiter over one's work." Probably cognate with O.E. lutian "lurk," and related to O.E. loddere "beggar," O.H.G. lotar "empty, vain," Ger. Lotterbube "vagabond, rascal," O.E. ly├░re "base, bad, wicked." lout (n.) 1548, "awkward fellow, clown, bumpkin," perhaps from dialectal derivative of O.E. verb lutan "bow low," from P.Gmc. *leut- "to bow, bend, stoop" (cf. O.N. lutr "stooping"), from PIE *leud- "to lurk" (cf. Goth. luton "to deceive," O.E. lot "deceit), also "to be small" (see little). Non-Gmc. cognates probably include Lith. liudeti "to mourn;" O.C.S. luditi "to deceive," ludu "foolish." Sense of "cad" is first attested 1857 in British schoolboy slang. If you punish me for not commenting over at yours - I am busy! work work work work work.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Al work & no play take Hardspear from his blog away...

I am not even going to talk about work, just to say that it is tough at the moment. So here’s a bit of an update I eventually went to see District 9. Actually Lamb and I went to see it two weeks ago. Lamb is a sensitive viewer and the movie was graphically too intense for her, so we walked out an hour into the movie. I enjoyed the bit I saw very much and I wanted to see the rest, so I went to see it again on Thursday evening. Lamb and Image was away visiting Grandma for a few days, as per usual during school holidays.
The Sarie KOS magazine is out and I must say it is nice to see your photo & name in print. They did a cool 2 page spread on my recipe and the photo of my sosaties is mouthwatering. Braaiday was such a success and we had a super day! We had a typical South African spread and as always there was way too much food. As always we had a cook-off between the guys, but as always the cook-off part is just for fun. There were mussel pot and skilpadjies (minced savoury liver wrapped in caul fat and grilled over coals) for starters. We had the following on the braais for mains: Snoek, Mozambique style Portuguese Peri-Peri baby chickens, boerewors and of course, my sosaties. We had fancy salads, pap with tomato & onion relish and sweet potatoes wrapped in foil and cooked in the coals (with butter of course)

When Lamb and Image are away, I usually take the opportunity to do something which I can only do when I am alone. Last time it was the seriously rare rump steak salad with coriander lime dressing....... This time round I watched the opening & closing scenes of KOYAANISQATSI about 7 or 8 times. The music and visuals are intensely hypnotic, though I have yet to encounter someone who experience the movie the same way I do.

I am procrastinating doing our taxes, but if I don’t do it now, I am going to miss the e-filing deadline in Nov.