Thursday, 15 September 2011

Process flows explained bmo 'Hey Jude' by the Beatles

I work on large IT implementation projects.  Consultants LOVE process flows.  I’ve once been given this by an expert Process Mapping consultant to illustrate the principles of process flows.  Thought it was very funny…

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Update after yet another leave of absence

We bought a house in Pretoria (Centurion)
I bought a new car – the old one blew a head gasket on the way back from Lephalale (formerly Ellisras).

Lamb and Image and our stupid dogs are still in V-Town.  Soon’s Lamb find a job here she’ll join me.  I only see them on weekends now.

Haven’t moved into new house yet.  Stay in a garden cottage – want to do a few renovations.  Very nice (small) garden flat.  Get on very well with my Cougar landlady and her Cub boyfriend.  Wednesdays are braai-evening and I usually join them.  They are quite funny.  The Cougar is super handy.  Recently she repaired the roof, re-tiled the house, remodelled the kitchen etc etc, all by herself.  The Cub plays playstation and zipps around on his superbike (which she bought).  She also has a superbike.  (Must say, she looks quite fetching in her Leathurrrs.)

Bought a R14 000 stove for the new house.  90cm SMEG with 5 gas burners, but electric double thermofan oven.

Started smoking after having quit for 5 years.

Started gym again.  Worried that I would piss around in the gym not doing real exercise – got me a personal trainer.  On meeting him, I quite liked him, but soon realised he is the son of satan.  I aint got no butt, so I told him I want an arse so tight you can bounce a tennis ball off of it.  He tried to make me achieve that in 1 session.  I could not walk, stand, sit or lie down the next 3 days.  I swim on Thursdays and he makes me do lap after lap after lap.  I complain, but I also don’t complain…  I just have to stop buying Peanut Butter Bomb protein smoothies from Kauai after gym.

Gonna start blogging again after yet another leave of absence. 

Blog has been doing quite well during my absence, especially food posts & ADD posts, and for some reason the Penis Lie Detector post as well.