Wednesday, 12 September 2007

ADD diagnosis - Before 1

I was only diagnosed with ADD when I was 28. From very early on my Father (Famous Warrior) and Mother (Bee) treated me in a manner which lead me to believe that I am more intelligent than my siblings and peers. Some of my teachers did as well, though I expect it was inadvertently. I have however, always been lead to believe that I am lazy. The aftermath of a PTA meeting usually meant extreme unhappiness in our home. “You do not live up to your potential… If only, your sister Flower had your braininess, she would have excelled, but the little she achieves comes with very hard work… You can do better than these mediocre marks… Your results belies your IQ…” This became the standard accusation to which my standard reply: “I am not as clever as you think… I try, but I cannot… I hate school… I hate my teacher” One teacher admitted to my mother that my staring out of the class window drives her batty. I cannot count the number of times I was hit by a teacher throughout my school years because of my horrid handwriting or my untidy work. What nobody understood (and I include the teachers, my parents and myself) how did it come about that I had the same amount of gold stars on the wall chart in class as the teacher’s pet, the top achievers and the best behaved. My profile was not skewed in any way though, whereas these children – who all gave me a pain in the proverbial to the extent that it is not describable in words – had a long rows of golden stars to the right of their names and nothing or very little to the left. I had exactly the same staggering amount of black dots to the left of my name as gold stars to the right.

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