Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Kindergarten 3

Another boy at kindergarten taught me a very useful skill. It was one that was difficult to master when surrounded by a great number of little tattle-tales. The skill was to pee in the sandpit with no one noticing. The skill was valuable for it allowed you not to waste play time by having to walk up to the main building of the crèche to avail yourself of the little facilities. The whole thing worked like this… First one had to dig a small but deep hole in the sand, packing the mouth of the hole tightly, so it won’t cave in. Then to lie down with your crotch directly above the hole. Then for a little while you have to pretend to build something in the sand with your hands in front of your face. Quickly and surreptuously you had to pull down the front of your pants just enough so that your willie would stick into the hole. While pretending yet again to build something in front of your face, you would pee in the hole. In a swift move the following had to happen virtually simultaneously. Pulling your pants back up, closing the hole and getting up, pretending you’ve had enough of the sandpit. During this time one could have walked to the toilets and back at least three times.

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