Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hardspear stats

According to Blogger’s (newish) stats application, this is what people are reading most on my blog.  After Google and other search engines, I get the most referrals from Angel & Tamara’s blogs – thanks you two beauties for having me on you link lists!  Brigit is my best Twitter referrer.

25 Sep 2007, 11 comments 1,006 Pageviews

16 Sep 2009, 5 comments 490 Pageviews

10 Mar 2009, 3 comments 306 Pageviews

23 Mar 2009, 5 comments 288 Pageviews

30 Apr 2009, 5 comments 276 Pageviews

18 Sep 2007, 1 comment 179 Pageviews

17 Sep 2010, 3 comments 101 Pageviews

18 Mar 2010, 8 comments 93 Pageviews

16 Jul 2009, 4 comments 71 Pageviews

11 Nov 2010, 4 comments 66 Pageviews

Keywords which bring most people (apart from regular readers) to my blog are:

“I hate ADD”, “Afrikaans Swear Words”, “Swearing in Afrikaans”, “Cursing in Afrikaans”, “Afrikaans Insults”, Swearing in Africaan”(sic), “Afrikaans Swar Word”(sic), “Bad tasting Arginine”, “Greek Lamb”, “Roast Leg of Lamb”, “Leg of Lamb in the Weber”, “Peppermint Crisp Tart Recipe”, “Raspberry Charlotte”, “Charlotte aux Framboises”, “Cafe de Paris Sauce recipe”, “Sosaties Recipe”, “Kitch Paintings”

“Braai Day”, “Braai for Heritage” – I got loads of hits for this during September.  It peaked on Heritage Day, the 24th and steeply tapered off ever since.

I get quite a number of hits on picture searches.  The highest picture hits I get on one of my own pictures (and NOT on those which I in turn copied from the web) is the one for Indian Butter Chicken.

My Afrigator stats indicate that for some reason I get a lot of hits on my blog’s archive tag for March 2010.  I wonder why, maybe it is because of the Kindle posts during that period?

Alexa adds “Bread”, “Sourdough” and “Star Trek” to the above.

The most hits I received in a short time was on the “Vodacom Complaint Letter” right after I posted a complaint on Vodacom’s facebook page.

etc, etc, etc, [maybe I am al little obsessed with my blog’s stats..]

Do you check your stats?  What does it say?


Patchwork said...

No sex search words! Cool! My stats are depressing. But then I'm a periodic blogger.

Julia said...

I have no clue how to check stats. I'm still trying to figure out how wordpress works. I'll get there eventually.

Hardspear said...

Hi Patchwork! I've been blogging (on-and-off) since 2007. It is only this year that my stats started picking up. Check the two articles below, they helped me a lot.

Julia! Ja, I tried installing & getting WordPress to work today, as I want to start a 2nd blog. My word - I do not make head or tails of the instructions. Blogger is less feature rich, but SUPER easy to use.

Angel said...

I don't check my stats too often anymore, I have Google Analytics linked to my blogs wich makes the searching very easy should I want to take a look.