Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Movember and the Avatar

[WTF?? Blogger did not post the whole post yesterday, here it is again]

For the first time ever I, J. Hardspear de la Azotea, the Avatar, am going to discuss the In Real Life (IRL) me as if we were separate. For purposes of clarity, I’ll call him by his African name – Johannes Assegaai Maroleleng (Assegaai for short).

Now we are not really different personalities, we are the same person and when I talk about me I mean him and me and when he talks about him he means him and me. The only difference is that I do not mind my online friends meeting him IRL and know what his real name is, whereas he does not discuss me with his IRL friends and his colleagues. You’ll see that I never discuss work in this blog. Also, I have a much bigger online presence than him. He does not like facebook very much (neither do I – we prefer blogging), but in this day and age, one cannot NOT have a facebook profile. Also, he only follows 1 person on Twitter – a strange guy called Karl Bohlin. Not that he ever goes into his twitter account. – we sommer use mine. The only on-line schtuff he has and I don’t is a Linked-In and a Skype profile.

So why am I, the Avatar doing such a strange post... It is because of it being the end of the Movember Grow-a-Mo drive. As I have said in a previous post, he’s growing this Snor like many other guys in support of Movember. So I have blogged about it, facebooked about it, tweeted about it. He also facebooked about it. However, none of us have done much more in terms of raising money etc. He only got the mail from CANSA on the 1st of November and immediately decided to take part, but was a bit unprepared for it. Now we sit with the question – who are doing this Movember thing – him or me? Tricky one..., but this is what we have decided to do. For this year, he’ll donate money for Bongani from Highveld Stereo’s effort. Next year however, Assegaai will take the lead with the Movember initiative, raise funds, get is IRL friends involved etc, and I’ll only blog about it. He’ll have to be more active on HIS facebook page and do more about creating awareness.

So anyway here’s proof of my his our effort at various stages of growing a mo. The pictures are a bit strange because he took all of it himself, apart from the ones with the shades and with little Image which are also the final ones. He also took one of his new haircut, especially for Arkwife, since she’s asked.


Julia said...

I'm sorry, who is this man in the pics with the odd facial hair?
I'm more interested in the gorgeous little girl. Is that Image? She is divine.
ps...your Movember doesn't look that bad. It actually suits you. There is this one guy at work who looks like a paedophile or something. He was very proud of his Movember and so I didn't have the heart to tell him what I really thought...

Hardspear said...

Ha Ha, thanks Julia. (ps. you did not see the whole of the post. I republished. Do not know what happened yesterday!)

Angel said...

LOL, thats pretty impressive!
Lawdy is that a huge jar of Marmite behind you? Ooh and you like Patricia Cornwell too!!!!?

Hardspear said...

Hey Angel - It is actually a pottery Marmite Jar, not the real thing. Yes - Robin Cook & Cathy Reichs are the Prince & Princess of the medical/forensic genre, but Patricia Cornwell will remain Queen!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, I like the haircut :)

Trust Angel to notice the books you read. I used to be a huge Cornwell fan, but her books have become a bit watered down of late. Kathy Reichs seems to be creeping into that queen spot :)

You should try the J.D Robb books. They're brilliant!