Monday, 1 November 2010

Movember - Grow a Mow for Cancer Awarenes - CANSA Campaign

Hi there!

CANSA is the one cause I, J. Hardspear de la Azotea try to support.  Every year in March back the shavathon campaign by having my hair shaved off with a nr 1 clipper.  This year will be the first time I support their men's health campaign by growing a lipwig during the month of November.

Please advise me as to which style I should go for...  maybe one of those thin pencil stripes.

Please also visit the campaign page, and get the large version of the different styles (picture below)

Do you also wonder where the word mustache come from... I've saved you the trouble and went to have a look on the Online Etymology Website:  Here is what they say...


1580s, from Fr. moustache, from It. mostaccio, from Medieval Gk. moustakion, dim. of Doric mystax (gen. mystakos) "upper lip, mustache," related to mastax "jaws, mouth," lit. "that with which one chews," from PIE base *mnto- "mouth" (see mouth). Borrowed earlier (1550s) as mostacchi, from the It. word or its Sp. derivative mostacho. The plural form of this, mustachios, lingers in English. Dutch slang has a useful noun, de befborstel, to refer to the mustache specifically as a tool for stimulating the clitoris; probably from beffen "to stimulate the clitoris with the tongue."

...the Dutch... [shaking my head]


Anonymous said...

Erm....the Dutch. Sjoe.

My hubby's doing the whole Movember thing. I'm not looking forward to the whiskers on his face, but I'm reminding myself that it's for a good cause.

(P.S: I think you should go for the Regent :D)

Patchwork said...

Och, thought it was the Mohawk! Sigh. Go for the Van Dyke. I don't know what it looks like but it sounds sexy. said...

Very good.

Dbawiw said...

Salvador Dali style or bust!
Despite my hearty approval of the Dutch take on the 'stache, and piqued curiosity, I remain a non-fan of ye olde moustache.

Tamara said...

I'm all for supporting cancer awareness, but TSC would not get kissed in November if he were sporting a stache. And for all the guys who moan that women are making a big fuss over nothing, YOU go kiss someone with a moustache and see how pleasant it feels on the sensitive facial skin!

Hardspear said...

Arkwife, Patchwork & DBAWIW... I am going to have to smear chicken shit on my upper lip or some or other wonder growth aid if I want to sport such a lavish SNOR within a month!

Tamara - When I was little, I used to hate kissing my Uncle who had a snor. He knew it and made sure he rubbed his revolting bristles all over my face!

I am so gonna shave it off on 1 Dec!

Spear The Almighty said...

The style I want to grow was spoiled by Hitler for generations to come.

Maybe I'll just donate.

Betty said...

I don't like facial hair. I think it is a deterrent to kissing. I think they can do something much more interesting, like encourage people to go around displaying hickeys on their necks for the whole month. I think more making out will probably mean less cancer anyway.

It's a thought.

Sally-Jane said...

I like Betty's idea

Julia said...

LOL @ Betty. Love it!
I like that Abrasiveness one for you.

Angel said...

The Dali!!!
My Oupa had a moustache that he was very proud of! As he got older he grew it to be part of his sideburns and it looked something like the connoisseur!!