Friday, 12 November 2010

Vodacom Complaint #2 & Automatic Complaint Letter Generators

I, John Hard Spear De La Azotea wrote the previous post in a fit of anger. As I have indicated in an earlier post, I have started a new project and I am VERY busy. I need to prepare for yet another project starting in January. I have also been invited to do a proposal & pitch for a very big project at a multi-national next week.
I have so much to do on the current project, it is just not funny. The current client is situated in Hyde Park. You would have thought that I would get good 3G reception in Hyde FUCKING Park. Again, I do at a restaurant in Jan Smuts Avenue, but 1 Kilometre down a road off of Jan Smuts, the signal is like the trickle of piss of an old man with an enlarged prostate! Weak and halting!

Where did I get the time from to do a 4-page-in-msword long post? Well, I wrote the first quarter of a page and then used Scott Pakin’s Automatic Complaint Letter Generator on the web! I can’t really accuse Vodacom of all the stuff randomly generated by this website, but it was intensely satisfying to read and post onto my blog. So... that post was done in no time at all! also check out

How do you feel about your cellular service provider?


Anonymous said...

Oh thank heavens. I was getting worried that you might be upset that I didn't read through the whole letter (hence the lack of comment). I totally understand how you feel though. My Vodacom 3G signal changes between my bedroom and my living room. They're adjacent rooms! I can't wait until Cell C launches here.

Hardspear said...

Arkwife, ja - it sort of looks as if it was written by a delusional schizophrenic!

Patchwork said...

It was still the perfect rant though! LOL! I quite enjoyed it.

Hardspear said...

Patchwork - [grin]

dbawiw said...

I totally love my cellphone service provider.

When I hear a romantic song, I think of MTN.

When I smile at the beauty of life, I picture MTN.

When I see a baby taking her first steps, I thank MTN.

When I'm along in my bedroom feeling myself up, I visualise MTN.

Feeeeel the lurrrve.

dbawiw said...

Alone... not, along.

Julia said...

I am with Cell C. KAK provider. Bunch of thieves.
Apparently I must go to Trevor Noah with my complaints. Have no time for that KAK. Am due for an upgrade. Will pay Heita a visit soon. Am certainly NOT going to go to Vodacom after your previous post!

Angel said...

Well I enjoyed it! I could so use that letter generator to have some fun!!!