Sunday, 23 August 2009

Thoughts like glue

In the previous post I mentioned how people with ADD can get stuck on a topic. It is hard to express how one thing can consume one so totally and completely. When I plan a big meal for friends, I think of nothing else for days. I become one with the ingredients. I become the recipe. I struggle to sleep because my thoughts are consumed by what I am going to make to eat, how I am going to make it, how I am going to make it special, what we’re going to drink. I start living the event for two days and up to a week before the time. If I manage to sleep, I dream about it. I know beforehand that no matter what the guests will be drinking, I’ll be wanting a good robust red wine with a nose of wood and smoke and palate to match. Or sometimes it will be crisp Riesling smelling of cut grass and tasting of green grapes. Sometimes I’ll feel like having beer only, but it will definite be part of my beforehand thoughts. I will also start to feel just how a good time we will be having. During this time it is hard to have conversations about anything else. It is then also hard to cope with other people continuously INTRUDING, or TRYING TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT! WOE BETIDE YOU should you inadvertently and innocently and unsuspectingly mention one of my favourite topics in a conversation. At first you will think – “Aah, nice, we have something in common.” Then you’ll think, “he’s quite knowledgeable about this.” From there it will quickly progress to, “heavens, how am I going to get him to stop!?” Jaaa, I know we ADD’ers mess up sometimes, but because of getting th├ít stuck on a topic, we’ve been practicing for so long in our heads, that by the time we actually get round to do what we have been stuck on, the results will surprise you, for it will be perfect and done with a lot of creativity. As for ourselves, many times other people will love the result, but we will still not be satisfied, for it may not quite be how we imagined. At other times it will be even better than what we visualised it. If it came out not as we would have wanted it, we will agonise for a little and then drop it. If it came out better... well we will be even more stuck to the subject for a bit. Sometimes you’ll want us to repeat what we did, only to be annoyed to find us pulling a face. Remember, by that time we may already be stuck on something different entirely... And you’ll be like “you’re so gooood at it, why don’t you keep at it and make money from it?” And we’ll be like “Dude!, I am trying to figure out how to build this bird-feeder in the form of a medieval castle!”


Anonymous said...

You are describing my DH and my son to the T. I do know about the ADD hyperfocus ability and sometimes it is the absolute bane of my existence. Mostly I humour it. Other times (as the spouse of an ADD person) I get seriously annoyed by it.
I loved reading this post. Puts a lot into perspective as to what is really going on in their minds. How does Lamb deal with it when you are in the "thoughts like glue" state? Am curious.

angel said...

I love this post!!!

Spear said...

Hey Julia!

Lamb indulges me a lot, I think she understands, but on occasion she does get annoyed. She once told me that she cannot cope with my 'antics' at 6 in the morning. I think what is hard for her is that sometimes she feels she has to tread on eggs, for one comment can turn my exitement into a building coming crashing down.

Hey Angel! You understand, I know.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA... My fiance can SO relate to this! I sometimes feel kinda bad for her that she has to listen to me go on an on an on an on an on an on an on about something. ... hahaha

I usually also get the 'can't you turn it down a notch' at about 7 in the mornn when she's just opened up her eyes .. But, 'why' I ask..why?! it's gonna be such a good day and there's so much to do and then we can do this or do that... LOL!