Monday, 17 August 2009

Daddy got nooky

Thanks everyone for the comments on the previous post. I know and UNDERSTAND all of that as much as a man can possibly TRY to. I have been doing the communication thing, and I told Lamb exactly that. I understand that there are various reasons for her libido not being what it was before baby. I explained very nicely that I really need us to have sex more often. Believe it or not, I also want nice romantic sex and not just a quickie here and there to sate the physical need only. Lamb also understands what I have been saying to her. So, what got us to have sex in the end? Humour! A stupid little joke I made (and it was not even sex related at all) was what was needed for Lamb to take the initiative and instigate sex without me even having to ask. (Or maybe I just looked thát pathetic and she felt sorry for me.) So what got us to have GREAT sex? More humour! In bed I told her that I feel like a dog for wanting to have sex with her, knowing she feels a bit under the weather with a cold. But, that like a dog I also have certain urges! Lamb laughed so much she cried and then we had wonderful sex.


Betty said...

Excellent! Good for you! Humour is a great aphrodisiac. You should ad that to the list. (Thanks for the link on the last post. Very glad if you liked it there.)

How is the new job? Good luck - I hope it goes very well.

Angel said...

Thats wonderful, for you and for Lamb!

Spear The Almighty said...

Lol! I feel your pain man. My kid is 19 months old ans still we are not back at where we wish to be. It is not a lack of desire from our part but more a lack of time! Still we are getting there, slowly but surely...till the next kid comes. :)

Anonymous said...

Humour is a huge turn on!!
Good for you and Lamb.

Spear said...

Betty - new job very challenging - so I am in my element.

Angel - Ta love!

Spear TA - I AM NOT ALONE!!!

Julia - Welcome here! Do you have a blog? Let me know.

Anonymous said...