Tuesday, 9 October 2007


As you can see from with the posts below, today is lists day. We all know the phenomenon of a song turning in your head. A common comment from people with AD/HD, however is that we CONSTANTLY have a song in our heads. I sometimes have the same song for two weeks or longer. It becomes excruciating after a while. It is the last thing you hear before falling asleep and the very first thing you wake up to. Most often it is something ridiculous like “Three Blind Mice” or “Una Paloma Blanca”. The worst however is radio advertisement jingles… On Radio Highveld (Johannesburg SA) there is one which plague me forever. As soon as it is out of my head, they play it again. And then it is all over again. It is for a chain of shops that sell bathroom fixtures (or is it – which sells bathroom fixtures? Singular or plural? Should I refer to single chain or plural shops? Bugger, Bugger, bollocks bollocs!). The place is called Bathroom Bizarre. The jingle goes… “For mind-blowing bathroom specials, come to Bathroom Bizarre. That’s B.I.Z.A.R.R.E, come to Bathroom Bizarre, Come to Bathroom Bizarre.” It drives me insane. I know that is the purpose of catchy jingle tunes, but to me it is endless torture. Sometimes it is not even a tune, it is a word or a phrase. The most recent was the words “Minister Plenipotentiary”. It kept turning and turning in my head. Today’s song in my head is also one with an extreme propensity for sticking in one’s head – “Come on Eileen”


Sweetass RSA said...

shame man...come to bathroom bizare!!!...sorry...hahaha...enjoy the radio in your head! maybe you should bang your head against the wall...this may increase the songs "loaded" to shuffle more frequently...i'm sorry...just joking...good luck!

Spear said...

Well it helps to have the real radio turned on constantly. At least I am not without entertainment wherever I go!

Gemmy said...

wow, this is so me. I just stumbled on your blog, it's real amusing.

For about two months I had twhole cd of one band on repeat in my head ALL THE TIME. I t was literally like constant background mousic, finally it went away.

Spear said...

Hi Gemmy

I also love it when I stumble on a blog I really like.

It is nice to find people in cyberspace one can relate to.

angel said...

oh man do i know what you mean! i listen to music all the time- its my white noise- but i love certain words and when they get stuck in my head i repeat them over and over and over again... like "necrotelicomnicon"
its SUCH a cool word!