Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Angelic Advice

I have forever craved acceptance and understanding. The harder I tried, the more it eluded me. I never realized that my behaviour puts a barrier between me and others. I also did not understand myself. THAT is the reason why I was elated when diagnosed with ADD when I was 28. Finally I at least understood. Treatment made me better and my interaction with others improved exponentially. I still fail to make people completely understand. Letting people know that I have ADD complicates matters more. I used to do that hoping people will understand better, but I achieved the opposite. Now I don’t tell people any longer. This morning I had a lump in my throat reading another blogger - Angel’s latest post. Angel is a single mom raising an ADHD son. I implore everyone who knows someone with AD/HD or knows someone raising children with ADHD to read her post. I have never come across so much genuine understanding. I wish I could comment on everything she says, but I will limit it to point 6 in her post. May the journalists of the likes of Carte Blanche and popular magazines like You and Huisgenoot rot in hell for their contribution to the stigma amongst the general public which clings to ADD medication.


SheBee said...

I am on my way to Angel now.

I wonder what I have that would explain me?

ADD doesn't seem to cut it :(

Spear said...


I took time to read a bit of the older posts on your blog. The prose and style is very good. I am not a professional or literary expert, but I know what I like.

What do you have that would explain you? My answer would be - Life. It happens to us all.
ADD has a definite impact on me, but as I said before it is not the only thing which defines me. Life and People has a much larger impact.

angel said...

thank you so much dude! it means a lot that you got something out of it!!!