Tuesday, 9 October 2007

England things I miss...

Going for a Balti at the Indian Restaurant round the corner Trebor’s Hurricane Strength Mints London Soho The National Gallery The Vintage Magazine Co shop in Soho The Underground Potted Stilton Cheese Bath (The city) Having a Ploughman’s lunch and a pint in a pub in summer Having Lancashire Hot Pot and a pint in a pub in winter Having Beef & Guinness Pie and a pint in a pub in winter London London’s parks York Shopping in Kensington High Street Cambridge Proper Fish & Chip Shops (cod & chips - strike the mushy peas) Camden Town The West End & going to theatre London Cream Soda (different from here) Sunday pub lunches - Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, 3 veg and lots & lots & lots of gravy over everything. Sitting on Trafalgar Square watching Japanese tourists. (They must have orientation before they leave Japan. No matter where you go, group after group after group Japanese tourists have their pictures taken on exactly the same spot as every other Japanese person.) Cathedral City Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese
London What I don’t miss The English and their Weather and their TV documentaries.


The Divine Miss M said...

It's strange, I like the cream soda from home much more.

I agree with you on the whole Japanese tourist thing, they amuse me. You can hear them saying

"photo opportunity, photo opportunity" as you walk past. I love it :)

Spear said...

The thing about the Japanese though is, If you are two travelling and want to prevent that only either of you appear on the photos, tell a Japanese person, let me take a photo of you, then you can take one of us. They take excellent photos (part of the orientation training I think) and they never run away with your camera!

The Divine Miss M said...

My favourite thing I've ever seen with the Japanese was in Canada, a little ski town called Lake Louise, where a bus suddenly pulled up and about 40 Japanese tourists spilled out all dressed in the exact same track suits, carrying the same backpacks and they all pulled out identical cameras and started taking photos.

I swear I've never laughed so hard :)

woolsoup said...

I found your page via the sensory defensiveness post, then saw your England tag. I'm going on my first trip there in about 6 weeks with a school group. Hence my looking for info on coping with sensory defensiveness, I'm going to neeed all the coping mechanisims I can get!

Your list was helpful to give me an idea of what to look forward to rather than dreading the whole trip.