Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Bells & Whistles

I've started becoming jealous of how other bloggers' pages look like. Some people go through a lot of trouble to make their blog look interesting/good/unique. I am therefore very proud of myself, I did a quick teach-yourself-html on the web today and started a web album for photo’s. The picture is a heavily edited photo of me trying my hand at fly-fishing. (I’ve stretched the photo to fit into my Blog-header – I am not really that fat! Pah! Although I feel my blog is about the content more than anything else, I feel it is nice to personalize it and to make it look attractive. My blog is not yet what I would like it to be, but I feel I am progressing


SheBee said...

Well, it certainly is colourful!


Hey, mine started out looking like last years newspaper, so really - don't worry about it.

Am loving your writing, by the way!

angel said...

i just love custom headers! mine is my damien when we went on a spider hunt slash walk last year.

Spear said...

Thank you shebee, I can return the compliment honestly.

I am not even going to start defending Afrikaans males or valies. It would be pretentious to distance myself from them, because I am both. But I know what you mean and I hope you meet a few exceptions, for there truly are a few.