Friday, 5 October 2007


Lamb (my wife) does not eat lamb or mutton. She likes beef & chicken and the only seafood she eats is fish. We’ve been married for 9 years. Like everyone else, we have our ups and downs. I can honestly say that it’s been more ups than downs. Sometimes it takes time, but we always manage to get through the tough patches. We only have two rules in our relationship. 1 We don’t baby-sit each other – 2 We don’t share. This helps us to trust each other, to respect each other, and not to let a 3rd party come between us. Lamb learned me to be more affectionate than what I used to be. Though we get mad at each other and sometimes (like I do now) feel that the other does not understand something, I cannot imagine a life without her. Who else would be as patient with me as she is? Who else would put up with my quirks and antics? Who else gives the best bj's in the world [grin]. I can take Lamb anywhere with me and proudly so. People immediately take to her and she is lovely company. She is funny and interesting. Sometimes she’d read some of my science fiction and sometimes I’d read some of her women’s fiction (Maeve Binchy, Norah Roberts and Marian Keyes). We both share a love for crime and spy novels. Because the both of us furthered our studies at some stage after we got married, we decided to wait before we start a family. We both feel ready for that now. I cannot wait! Lamb always says that a baby is not glue, it won’t paste two people in a broken relationship together again. For us, it just feels right now.


SheBee said...

Oh wow! That is so exciting.

Will it be blue stuff or pink stuff for the baba?

Ooh! you see what babies do to us gilrs?

We go stoopid.

angel said...

how fantastically wonderful for you both!!!

angel said...

you been tagged! i tagged you! the desktop meme

Spear said...

I really do not mind whether it is pink or blue

Angel, I have a picture my wife and me on my desktop. I'll pass on this one. At home my desktop is the picture of the cover of a special edition Star Wars DVD compilation.

SheBee said...

Thank you so much for the link, you are a star!

Sweetass RSA said...

your wife sounds perfect...and she obviously knows her stuff (bj hahahaha)and the fact that she knows that a baby is not true...enjoy the baby making process!