Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Deep fried Cheese Cake – Paula Deen shows how

As part of the ‘Weird Food’ posts I sometimes do, I am going to create a sub-category, called “you can deep fry anything”. Here is the first one. I have done a post on Paula Deen before. Although all her recipes will increase your cholesterol considerably, I cannot help but love her. Paula Deen is is an American cook, restaurateur, author, actress and Emmy Award-winning television personality. When younger, Paula Deen suffered from agoraphobia (fear of public and/or unfamiliar places, especially large, open, spaces such as shopping malls or airports). She never left her house. Then one day she started cooking and baking and had her sons deliver the stuff she made. Immersing herself in making food and money from it, she overcame her anxiety disorder. This is a short clip, you HAVE to see this.


Angel said...

OMW... O!M!W! Did you see her face when she tasted that!?!?!

Hardspear said...

Ja, I like the 'vegetable' part best!