Monday, 20 April 2009

Potato Soup

Saturday morning Lamb and I decided to invite friends over for dinner. Enthused by my new passion for home baked bread, I devised a simple menu of bread and potato soup. I made a focaccia using the ‘sponge’ method described in the post below. Just before baking, I brushed the top with olive oil, fresh garlic and fresh rosemary (I forgot to sprinkle the salt flakes). This is my own version of potato soup and it is truly delicious, very easy to make and surely will impress your guests. This is one of my top winter warmer comfort foods. 5 large potatoes peeled, quartered and boiled till soft. 1 Chouriço (Portuguese) or Chorizo (Spanish) sausage 1 Kassler chop 2 large onions peeled and chopped 2 chicken and 1 beef stock cubes dissolved in 1 ½ litre of water. (I won’t insist on making your own stock or using expensive concentrate) Olive oil Little bit of lemon zest Juice of half a lemon Freshly ground black pepper.
(Serves 4 generous portions – increase stock & potatoes for more guests – double Chouriço and Kassler if more than 8 people)
Remove the piece of bone on the Kassler (but keep it) and chop together with the Chouriço to pieces roughly half the size of dice. Fry on low heat till browned in a large saucepan (including the piece of Kassler bone). Remove the meat with a slotted spoon and fry the onions slowly in the same saucepan till translucent and light caramel colour and add the stock. Increase the heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Drain the onions with a sieve and discard. Add the stock and meat back to the saucepan. Add the potatoes and carefully mash the potatoes – you want part to remain whole and the rest will thicken the soup. Simmer on a very low heat for 10 mins, add lemon zest, juice and black pepper. (Remove bone) Serve with a nice crusty chewy bread. The Chouriço imparts its wonderful spicy flavour to the soup and the Kassler adds extra smokiness and depth. Do not add any salt and be careful using too many stock cubes or too much stock powder/concentrate as the Chouriço and Kassler are salty already. Lamb contributed this easy and very good dessert. Some foodies may frown upon this, but trust me – it is good. Pour 1 litre Ultra Mel Custard into a bowl. Heat in microwave. Break up 1 box of Romany Creams Chocolate biscuits (not too small) and mix into the custard. Allow to cool completely before serving.
The table the next morning...


Anonymous said...

All of this is astonishingly impressive! Did you make the bread with the sourdough starter for your dinner? I also have a recipe -the first Moro cookbook has one in as well as The Bread Baker's Apprentice, by Peter Reinhardt. Even though I have both books, I have never had the courage. Well done. Let me know how it goes! (Yay.)

angel said...

Ooh it sounds divine! I'm going to try it this winter.

Spear The Almighty said...

I love bread, but I'm on one of those nasty "no carbs diets" at the moment. It sucks.

Spear said...

Betty - no, the starter should only be ready today, but I don't know. This morning it didn't look like it had much oomph. I also have the Moro recipe, maybe I should try that - but that one takes two weeks! The successful one will get published on my blog.

Angel - it will be worth it.

Superhero Spear - I am contemplating going on a diet as well. My stomach rises worse than my bread mixtures these days. I am fearing the day I won't be able to see my tollie any longer, though my stomach will have to be HUGE before that happens.