Thursday, 9 April 2009

I’m Back!

Hi there!


Phew, I am back in cyberspace! I nearly had a nervous breakdown. As per usual, the recovery of my data was worth much more than anything else. And yes, they managed to recover my data - at a cost, but I am so grateful that I do not mind. They couldn't keep my programmes though and I went to find out what Microsoft Office 2007 Professional cost. Seven fucking thousand fucking five fucking hundred fucking Rands at Incredible fucking Corruption! At the PC Shop around the corner R4500. I aint paying that! I AINT! I am getting a crack copy thank you very much. I try to be good in this respect - not copying copyrighted material, but for crying out loud! Microsoft is a rip-off. I know millions of others also rant about this, so any further rantings will be in private.

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angel said...

I so don't blame you... as much as I loathe piracy I would prolly do the same thing!
I dread having to muy my own machine one day- my work one is fantastic and I am very spoilt...