Monday, 16 March 2009

KFC and other food sins and secret recipes

KFC and other food sins and secret recipes. Although I consider myself a bit of a gourmand, I have some serious foodie sins which I commit. I do not like Dijon Mustard. I do not like English Mustard. It is too pungent for my taste. I like those American Mild type mustards which comes in the squeeeezzz bottles. Yes the ones you put lashings of on your hotdog (together with tomato sauce, Mrs. Balls Chutney and Mayonnaise). I also like the German Beer Mug Mustard. It is strange because I usually like strong and pungent stuff like blue cheeses, anchovies, pickles etc. The biggest sin however is (I am sorry PETA) KFC. Kentucky Fried Chicken as it used to be known. I am also a sucker for Advertisements. So, with this weakness and KFC’s fantastically large advertising budget, I sort of have a problem. I do not know who has the KFC advertising account for South Africa. The South African KFC ads are brilliant! The latest one where the guy plays dolls with the Chicken Filet Burger and the Wrap and the BoxMaster is my favourite. I laugh myself silly every time. And how many times would you find a KFC ad on TV per night??? I ask you. There’s the ‘Mom’s Night Off’ one and the ‘Students Hotwing Contest’ one, the new one with the boy who wouldn’t take of his superhero mask, the little girl with the milkshake one, the athletes where one gives the other one a smack through the face etc etc. When those pieces of golden crisp chicken falls from the air into a plate on my TV screen and someone breaks open a centre breast piece and the steam rises in curls from it – I have trouble not getting into my car and driving to the nearest drive-through. That secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices… If you put ‘secret recipe’ into Google Trends’ search box (no commas) you’ll find something strange. The most searches come from Malaysia. I am going to open a restaurant there and advertise high and low that every dish served is made according a top-I-have-to-shoot-you-if-you-know secret recipe. I think it should be success! On the Google Trend Graph you’ll find one of the peaks was because of KFC announcing that they have a new super vault into which they put their secret recipe. KFC is not the unique in terms of secret recipes though. Which makes me think of Coke – when I lived in the UK one could only get Pepsi at KFC outlets. Disappointing to say the least. Luckily Pepsi totally lost their foothold in the SA market when they withdrew because of sanctions during the Aparheid era. Coca-Cola stayed and now we can get the two most famous secret recipes at the same time when you stop at KFC. Should I ever go to the USA, the first thing I’ll eat is a Krispy Kreme Doughnut – another secret recipe. If you look up KFC secret recipe on Google, you’ll find lots and lots and lots of imitation recipes, the results of which claiming to come very close to the real thing. It looks like an awful amount of trouble though. Maybe I’ll try it if I am living on a farm very far from shops and I get a super-craving. Otherwise, the drive-through seems like a much easier option though. I have decided that the font thing is too much trouble – so we’re back to Trebuchet.


momcat said...

I'm not really a fast food fanatic thank goodness otherwise I would really be bankrupt. My kids are more pizza fans with my daughter being a pizza fanatic! My kids buy the Steers rave burgers when they go to Pav shopping centres to skateboards because they are quite affordable. But I also enjoy a KFC meal occasionally. Stop watching the ads - they are brainwashing you!!

angel said...

Oh dude... I am right there with you! The ads are brilliant, but the product backs up their schpiel 150%!!!

Craig said...

yup, while the other franchises' food always seem a letdown, KFC almost always is finger lickin' good! Gotta love it :)

(Unless you like your chickens alive of course)