Monday, 9 March 2009

Boring ADD Blogs

ADD, Adult ADD, ADHD and attention deficit disorder Blogs. When I read your ADD related blog, I want to know how Attention Deficit Disorder effects and affects your life. Many blogs on Adult ADD are so incredibly boring it makes you want to suppurate (verb: cause to ripen and discharge pus). Do these individuals or assemblages of individuals, guilty of producing these uninteresting and tedious blogs not realise that people with Attention Deficit Disorder shun all things dull and dreary? So if I want to read more about how ADD affects your life and I land on a mind numbing and lacklustre blog, I move on. It us usually contains very generic and non-practical advice such as “start lists” or “get organised”. That is just it, I. Cannot. Just. GET. O R G A N I S E D ! ! I need to know HOW and I need to see how you do it! Many blogs dishing out advice to parents with children with AD/HD are just as unexciting. The net abounds with authoritative websites where one can find all the info on ADD you need. Many Blogs on ADD just repeat such information. I just feel that if I want info, I can go to a website, but for the info made practical I’d like to see that reflected in a blog. Luckily there is a few pinpricks of light here and there. I’d like to highlight two blogs by moms with children with Attention Deficit Disorder. The first one is by Angel. Angel gets the following thing just right. A log of her everyday life with highlights and lowlights interspersed with how her son’s ADD affects her life, her son’s life and that of all other significant people close to them. It is so worth the read. The second one is that of Momcat, a blog of another mom with sons with ADD. I think she commented on my blog first and when I went to have a look at her blog, I found something worth the while for me to go and have a look at every day. By reading blogs like these I find not only the what, but the how as well. Accounts such as can be found on these blogs creates real understanding and real awareness of ADD.


angel said...

thank you so much spear- your compliments are much appreciated!

Glugster said...

Being able to read Angel's blog about Damien's ADHD definitely prepared me well when they entered my life.

momcat said...

Thanks so much for the shout out Spear! I'm happy if any of my rantings help you. I'm so totally with you on the non-specific 'advice' which nobody really knows how to follow.