Friday, 6 August 2010

Instant Happiness – Keeping the Winter Blues Away

This has been a particularly cold winter in Sunny SA. I tend to get the winter blues really bad, but here is a list of things which provides me, J. Hardspear de la Azotea with instant happiness: 1. 1 drop Patchouli- and 3 drops Geranium essential oils in a hot steaming bath. Smells a bit girly, but believe me – it picks you up instantly; 2. A roaring fireplace; 3. Being invited for Sunday Lunch (Especially if it is for a good stew/potjie or Traditional Sunday Roast); 4. A one hit wonder song you haven’t heard in ages, playing on the radio when you are stuck in traffic. (eg. In the Shadows by the Rassmus or All the things she said by t.A.T.u.); 5. A MacDonalds Breakfast Mega McMuffin Meal (No Egg) with xtra hashbrown OJ AND COFFEE on your way to work; 6. Everytime little Image says “Pappa”; 7. Blogging; 8. On the exception that someone sends you e-mail or sms jokes that are actually REALLY funny; 9. Being lucky enough to spend a few days on the Natal Coast, the Lowvelt, Limpopo Province or anywhere warmer and less polluted than Gauteng; 10. The first green leaves and blossoms of spring. Go on! Invite someone you haven’t seen in a long while for a good hearty Sunday Lunch, build a big fire and get yourself some MacD’s on your way to work!


Momcat said...

Hey, If blogging makes you happy we should hear from you more often! :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh these are good things. :) t's really cold this week again huh? We had lunch at my parents on Sunday and it was really good - we don't get to have a proper lunch like that much (meat + potatoes + veggies + pudding) because we're just two people, you know?

A few things that cheer me up is having a cup of rooibos while taking a really warm bath. Then cuddling with my puppies and watching some good series. :)