Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Blue Wednesday

I wish I could do longer posts, but I have a bit of... erm... let’s just say ‘fan cleaning’ to do at work. So I am a bit busy, since washing off the proverbial from fan blades is disgusting & tedious employment. To top in all, I had the morning from hell. I left for work early, so I can start on my odorous task. Because of traffic I took a different route which takes me through Rosettenville. As I was driving pleasantly along, an articulated truck in front of me made a wide turn to get into a narrow side street. It didn’t quite make the turn and stopped suddenly. I swerved and both my right side wheels struck the middleman. Both tyres were busted and as I was worried about the suspension, I had the car towed. The insurance instructed the tow-away to put the car on a flat-bed and take it to heir approved panel beaters. When I eventually got to work, I went to wash my hands. I opened the tap to wide and water splashed all over the front of my tan chinos... I think I must go home... Mr. G. Ripewater...If you are reading this, I am trying to comment on your blog, but there is something wrong on your comments page!


momcat said...

Thats really horrible Spear. But rather your tyres busted than you from driving into the truck. Well done on your quick reflexes. Hope there's no major damage to your car.

Tamara said...

Sounds crap. No pun intended.

Hope things are looking up as the day goes on.

FindingMyUnicorn said...

Sorry to hear about your Wednesday :(.. that's unfortunate:(...
Really? I must try that at Melissa's next time.
Guess what? Mr G. Ripewater's comment box is finally working :)

angel said...

Sheesh. So did you go home!?

Hardspear said...


Thanks for your comiserations guys, I am ok and my insurance are paying for a rental car, thank goodness.