Thursday, 9 July 2009

A first time for everything

For the first time ever I've deleted a post. I apologise for having been blasphemous. I know I swear like a trooper and it doesn't bother me much, but I hardly ever use the Lord's name in vain. As I am one for facing up to one's actions I am not going to blame it on too much wine (what was I thinking drinking semi-sweet wine anyway?). I am not going to blame it on still not having a new job. I did it, I feel bad, I've repented. There is no way of getting pass the fact that I am a bit depressed about the job situation however. I've had two unsuccessful interviews and no matter how much I told myself those positions were not meant for me and that there is something better waiting out there. But Momcat & Angel, thank you, today it is chin-up again and me and CareerJunction have a date yet again.


momcat said...

It is difficult at the moment. I have also been facing the retrenchment monster recently and this monster has already gobbled up several employees. But I am still okay so far probably in part due to my 5 year tenure. My son who has been on 6 month probation in the sticker rolling dept of the company where he works has decided to bomb the job without anything else to go to. He has been taking sick leave days and not turning up for weekend work so I told him to do things right and take in his letter of resignation. There is nothing I can tell him about the economy, lack of work, etc as he has decided that he cannot work in that hellhole and he would rather off himself than continue there. So I have to live with his decision! Good luck with finding the right job Spear.

angel said...

Oh... dude, you are so allowed to get upset!
Strongs Spear!

Spear said...

I've said it, and I'll say it again. The worth of support I've had on this blog is immesurable. My virtual support group has helped me through a lot. Thanks Angel & Momcat.

Momcat. I know that it must have been difficult to advise your son as you did. One cannot BUY job satisfaction though and sometimes it is not worth having your soul wither just to earn some money. Your son will yet find the job he is supposed to find. Something which will provide him with enjoyment and self worth.

Tamara said...

What sort of job are you looking for, Spear? One of the best unexpected benefits of blogging I've found is how we can network to help each other out.