Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Grooming and priming - things which men shouldn't admit

Grooming - I am a bit lazy in that department. I have my hair cut, I take a bath and wash my hair once a day and sometimes even twice. The Nutrogena for Men Moisturizer with SPF 15 unfortunately stands in the bathroom cabinet and I may remember to put on once a week. I love a good and expensive (tend to like the old fashioned) eau de cologne like Terre d' Hermes or Vetiver by Guerlain. The whole metrosexual thing is all fine and well - but I just couldn't be bothered. I cut and clean my nails regularly and I comb my hair and I wash my face with Lamb's face wash. I don't exfoliate nor use toner (where do girls get the time?). There is just one thing I do which I feel men should not admit, but I'll be brave today.... I pluck my eyebrows. By no means do I shape my eyebrows or anything, but some mornings when I wake up and look at myself in the mirror, it looks as if I've sprouted antennae overnight. I have thick unruly and very long eyebrow hair. Every now and then one becomes particularly wayward, long and wavy and it sticks out either upwards or across my eye, thus impairing my vision. There is only one way to deal with those. Pluck it out. I've found it better to do it myself than to have Lamb rip one out when I least expect it. I've inherited the affliction from the old man, who has his trimmed when he goes for a haircut, which leaves him with thick rows of thick, short stubs. Ek sien nie kans daarvoor nie... I've put the promised photograph in yesterday's post.


SheBee said...

hahahaha! I see no reason in you plucking your brows - nothing more unattractive than a dude with a unibrow, or hairy antennae.

In fact, I pluck and wax my brothers and boyfriends eyebrows, so at least you still have the safety of your own hands :P

Spear said...

Hi Shebee! Nice hearing from you. Yes, the Neanderthal-Unibrow-look is soooo 50 000 years ago!

angel said...

Heh heh... you sound like my Glugs!

Betty said...

If you go and have your brows waxed, just once, then keeping them in shape afterwards, forever, is very easy.