Thursday, 21 May 2009

God and Guns

I am being very bad. I keep on referring to old posts and do not put much other content in my posts. I am rather busy with odds and ends at the moment and will be able to be a good blogger again from tomorrow onwards. Please also accept my apologies for the sparce commenting on your blogs. I shall rectify. For the last time then, please go and read one of my very old posts. It is one of my personal favourites and it deals with how I got my firearm license renewed. (Betty, in which instance is license used and in which licence?)


angel said...

I got something for you!

Spear The Almighty said...

Lol! Man this is crazy. The sad fact is there are still way too many of those people around.

My dad got kind of worked up about these classes. He was a ex major in the army and he said, "Hulle kan my vokkol van skiet af leer nie."


Betty said...

Hey. No worries about the "scarce" - I have been so myself recently. Licence (with the C) is the Brit spelling of the noun. License is the verb. The Americans use them pretty interchangeably. I think.

(Very funny - I was always sure that I KNEW - until you asked!)

And lastly, I am so sorry I only know now about you living in Vereeniging. We came past there in the beginning of May, shooting a potential travel programme. But the Vaal Triangle thing nearly had me hysterical when one website only listed TWO luxury hotels in Vereeniging, and one of them was the Formula 1. I wish I'd known. But I must say, there is something about that part of the countryside that really moves me.