Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Angel and Glugster – Blogger Wedding of the Century!

I, J. Hardspear de la Azotea WAS THERE! My wife Lamb was ill and couldn’t attend with me, which placed a little damper on my spirits. When you are married for 12 years you definitely miss your partner when you go to a wedding alone. Nevertheless... Angel and Glugster’s wedding was sooooo special. It was one of the most beautiful and special weddings I have been to. (Not to mention a little weird with a large portion of the guests representing the SA Blogoshpere and Twitterverse.) Angel looked breathtakingly beautiful. She has extraordinary facial features and her striking personality shines as bright as the brightest stars through her eyes. Glugster, that handsome big chunk of a hunk beamed at her side all the way. The ceremony was singular and unique. The Priest addressed Glugster in Afrikaans and Angel in English. His message was heartfelt, sincere, humorous and very practical. His message was directed primarily at the couple, but certainly at the guests as well. After the ceremony, we had cocktails and – of course – the most delectable cupcakes. I met so many other bloggers for the first time in person. People I know in cyberspace. Particularly special was Sweets (Sweetass RSA), one of my first online friends and Tamara (Doodles of a Journo). Sweets and I connected immediately and Tamara and her husband TSC must be some of the nicest, sincere, interesting and beautiful people I have ever met. I also connected really well with SleepyJane and her (husband? boyfriend?), and I was really pleased to meet EXMI, another blogger I like to read. Yes! Even Sheena (If these walls could talk) was there. Her blog counts amongst the funniest I know of. There were so many more, I wish I could remember everyone! To top it all, the venue was beautiful and the food great. It was a privilege to be a part!


Momcat said...

Its great that you could attend this special occasion and also meet a lot of blogger friends for the first time. Sorry that Lamb is ill. It would have been nice for her to also meet some online friends from your world.

BecauseIcan said...


SheBee said...

I'm so disappointed there is no photographic proof that I finally met you in person!!

Hardspear said...

Momcat - It was great. If ever I am next in Durbs, we need to meet up!


SheBee - Next time doll!

Tamara said...

It was a special wedding indeed and lovely to meet you in person, finally!

Thank you for all the compliments. Blushing at my laptop.

So when are we doing a braai at my house? Btw, you were TSC's favourite new person he met at the wedding. He kept telling me what a nice guy you are. I told him I know ;-)