Friday, 27 February 2009

Circumcision Foreskins and Julius Malema

Circumcision Foreskins and Julius Malema. Eventually someone managed to rattle that idiot Julius Malema. I know this is old news already, but this is classic ADD. A topic will get stuck in you head and even if everybody else have moved on, you’re still there. That idiot Julius Malema have been insulting the world and his wife and getting away with it. Now he is upset because Helen Zille called him an Inkwenkwe. It is a Xhosa word for ‘boy’, but it also implies an uncircumcised boy who has not yet been through the traditional Xhosa Initiation Rites. It boils down to meaning someone with no authority whom should not be taken seriously. Now that idiot Julius Malema claims that Helen Zille is going below the belt with her comments. While we’re on the topic… I am getting mortally tired and unutterably weary of the whole circumcision discussion. Open a Men’s Health, FHM, Esquire etc and you’ll find a debate on circumcision. To the participants of this debate, I want to say: “You have a penis, for crying out loud! Stand up and be counted as a man and stop crying whether you should have an extra piece of skin or not!” One of the strangest relics that existed in the Roman Catholic Church surely must be the Holy Prepuce. The Holy Prepuce was believed to be Christ’s foreskin which was kept as a relic after he was circumcised according to Jewish Custom. At some stage hundreds of little pieces of shrivelled skin all claiming to be the Holy Prepuce existed all over Europe. This may have been one of the reasons why the Catholic Church at some point in time proclaimed the Holy Prepuce not to be a relic any longer. I am not one for poetry. I don’t get it. Maybe I am to shallow. The only form of poetry I like is limericks. Some won’t even call it poetry, as it is a type of rhyme really. Here is one of my favourites, dealing with the topic at hand: There was a man from Bombay who fashioned a cunt out of clay the heat of his prick then turned it to brick and chafed all his foreskin away. We weren’t married long when I had to go for a sinus operation. When I came to from the anaesthesia (I am told) I pulled all the IVs from my arm, making a bloody mess. I started swearing at the nurses and the moment I saw Lamb I asked her whether they circumcised me while I was under. Only when she assured me that they didn’t I calmed down, after which I told her that I was hungry and wanted food that very instant. Luckily I don’t remember any of this. So this is me on the topic of circumcision, foreskins and Julius Malema.


TLC Tugger said...

^^ Stand up and be counted as a man and stop crying whether you should have an extra piece of skin or not! ^^

I think a real man asserts his right to keep the whole body he was born with, and if it's too late for him, he at least protects his children from senseless superstitious blood rituals.

There is nothing extra about the foreskin. The normal amount of slack skin is essential to normal sexual fulfillment. The foreskin includes over 20,000 pleasure receptive nerve endings, more than the glans, more than the clitoris.

^^ One of the strangest relics that existed in the Roman Catholic Church surely must be the Holy Prepuce. ^^

And to think that now the church officially forbids circumcision:

"[The Holy Roman Church] strictly orders all who glory in the name of Christian, not to practise circumcision either before or after baptism, since whether or not they place their hope in it, it cannot possibly be observed without loss of eternal salvation."

angel said...

lol... dude, i have missed your posts!
personally, i only reckon circumcision is necessary if there's a health issue attached. and of course if its a religious thing its totally up to you.
as for malema? he's an imbecilic wanker who makes me fear for my country's future.

Spear said...

Angel - Ditto on everything

TLC Tugger - Thanks for commenting on my blog - But seriously dude seriously, your comments falls squarely in the category of the debate of which I’ve mentioned in my post that I am TIRED of. This debate is ongoing all over the web. There will be many people who will be willing to engage into a debate with you. I am not one of them though.