Friday, 8 February 2008


I hate leaving anything unfinished. It is thus with wretched remorse that I am posting my last post here. I cannot continue, for the demands of my new position do not permit me to spend any time on this web-log any longer. I have been sad for quite some period now as a result of the realisation that I cannot interact with you all any longer. I’ll leave you with the following: C comments on South Africa right now; C update on my life since October 2007; C what this blog and regular visitors meant to me; C goodbye Despite The battle between the SA Police Service and the Scorpions (SA national prosecuting authority) which makes one loose faith in the system, The craven ways of our politicians setting a bad example to us all, The rolling electricity-black outs and the whole embarrassment that surrounds government and ESKOM (State owned electricity provider) The Slump in World & SA Economy Steve Hofmeyer being unable to keep his member in his pants Bafana-bafana’s recent performance The Jake White debacle Our rapacious neighbour, Bob, and all his antics we South Africans still laugh and we are still positive. With all the above taking place now, I’ve noticed a marked increase in sms(text) and e-mail jokes pertaining to most of the above. There has also been a big boost in the braaivleis badinage. We cannot help but laugh about the situation. I am still glad that I can have the privilege of living in this place. OK – me since Oct 07. I love my new job, though it can be extremely demanding at times. I sometimes find myself disbelieving that someone actually pays me for what I do, because it is so enjoyable and rewarding. (The two hours per day travelling from Mordor to Johannesburg and back also plays part in me not having time to blog any more. This is a job in which someone with ADD (like me) can excel for it requires of one to literally be all over the place. And touch wood, so far I only once nearly caused a big crisis. On my first week on the job, I was trying to create a briefcase on my laptop to synchronize with the new company’s server, in order for me to be able to work away from the office, and just update the briefcase. Something terribly went wrong. When my new boss started asking around whether someone deleted something on the server, for he cannot find his documents, I immediately know I caused something to happen. True as nuts, when the people started checking, a very large and very important directory had been removed from the server. It was school all over again. Slowly and red-faced and shit scared I raised my hand. When we opened the briefcase on my laptop, it was empty as well. Sweating and close to having a heart attack (my new boss’ colour changed and he looked as if he was about to expire from apoplexy) I opened my recycle bin. Halleluiah! Praise God! Thank You Wonderful Father! We did a restore and spent the evening checking that everything had been restored successfully. To say that I poured myself a stiff Whiskey when I got home is a gross understatement. As a result, having to empty my recycle bin is now an action which can bring me into a state of acute anxiety. What if….? Noooo, I don’t even want to go there! Since Lamb and I decided to try for a baby, in October, nothing has happened. (We have been using condoms since she stopped using the Pill a year and a half ago and stopped using condoms in October) Right, so early Jan Lamb went to see the gynaecologist. He advised her that as we both are above 30, we won’t waste time and start with fertility tests, for should something be wrong, we can start addressing it without delay. So apart from Lamb getting a Pap-smear and all the other usual tests, I had to have my swimmers tested as well. I feel really cheated though, because in my mind (maybe I watch to much TV and to many Movies) it works like this. You go down to the Lab. You wait anxiously till a ball-breaker nurse calls you, give you a test tube and locks you into a small room with a stack of worn and torn magazines. If you’re lucky there’d be a video player with a monitor. Well, what a let down to be informed that I have to take the sample myself – at home. I was given a sample bottle with a screw top and an instruction sheet-cum-declaration. (Cum in this instance meaning ‘as well as’). I had to declare that I followed ao the following instructions. C That I took the ‘sample’ myself by means of masturbation and NOT by having oral sex performed on me and the sample then transferred to the sample bottle C That the sample was NOT taken by having sex with a condom and then transfer the ‘sample’ to the sample bottle. C That the sample was taken less than an hour before delivery to the Lab. They advised that whilst travelling to the lab (8 kms from my home) that the sample bottle be kept on one’s person to keep it warm. So after “taking” the sample I stuffed the bottle in my jeans’ pocket and rushed to the lab. The Lab, situated in a large Hospital Complex was not easy to find and as I was rushing up and down corridors, I could see my poor sperm swimming slower and slower. I eventually found the lab, and the receptionist told me that the test will cost R205 and I must pay upfront. I asked whether she is sure, and told her that she must charge me more because she is going to be counting for a very very long time. She did not think that was funny. We have an appointment with the gynae again early March. So we’ll see what happens. Oh, the gynae also said Lamb must loose weight. I am trying in sympathy to diet, but neither of us have been successful. Right, so that’s the update. I started this blog at a time when I was feeling disconcerted with my life and job. I felt misunderstood and frustrated. Meeting and chatting with the following people helped t me to get through a few very difficult months: Angel; Glugster; SweetassRSA and Shebee I haven’t followed their blogs, I’m sorry to say, and I know I missed out a lot since November 07. Recently I just skimmed through their latest entries, which just made me miss them more. I got tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat when I learned that Glugster and Angel have met and that they have something going. Good bye, sorry you haven’t heard from me for so long. I wish happiness and prosperity for the 4 of you and all your loved ones. May you also succeed in all of your endeavours, may your dreams come true and may you be blessed with peace. I’ll check responses for another week, but then I really have to go…


sweets said...

spear! i've missed you!!! strangest thing, today, not an hour ago, i thought to myself "i wonder what happened to spear"... i shit you not! skattebol, i hope you guys have a little baby very soon, just tell lamb to relax, everything will work out fine! i'm so glad you're well and that your job is such a jol, i'm officially jealous! thanks for your beautiful wishes ;-)

ari warri!

angel said...

hey spear!!!
thank you SOOO much for the update and for letting us know things are going well with you despite your absence from the blogosphere!!! its awesome that your job is so good for you!!!
i do wish you an lamb the best of luck with the baby effort.
ooh, and i would love an email address that you do get a chance to check a little more often than the one on your profile, so i can say howdy and check up on you occasionally...
thank you for your well wishes- right back at ya 1000-fold!!!
ciao dude

Glugster said...

hey spear! As much as you missed us, we missed you. It is good to hear though that things are going well. Sometimes, just dissapearing makes us bloggers wonder what happened. Now we know at least that you are OK.

Good luck with your future. And I agree with Angel. Even if you don't blog anymore, you dont have to be a stranger. You can email me @ We would like to at least keep some kind of contact.

In the mean time, I'm not going to say goodbye, but rather "chat to you later".

PS. Angel's a real babe!

Glugster said...

Another thing I forgot to mention. I was actually introduced to Angel, SweetAss and Shebee through your blog. So indirectly you are the reason Angel and I is an item now!

S E E Quine said...

` Awww! I'm too late! So sad to see you go!

` So happy you described a bit concerning sperm sampling.
` Good luck with having a little mutant!

` PS Can't you come back someday?